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Her parents were shocked when she was born. But what she does with her special daughter is wonderful.
We all look different, don't we?

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Mom nurses baby on the bus

When the driver makes this announcement, she can’t believe it.

A story from Hamburg, Germany about breastfeeding in public has stirred up some outrage. A mother with her newborn in a sling boards the bus. When the baby gets hungry and starts crying, she starts to nurse the little one. It is then that the driver makes an announcement for all the passengers to hear - either she stops nursing her child, or she finds another bus to ride. At first she can't believe he is even serious. The driver then stops the bus and makes everyone wait for her to exit the bus so that she can walk to the nearest station. It was no joke.

How humiliating for this mother who was just trying to feed her baby! How do you feel about this bus driver's reaction?

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