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Students Painting a Live Body
In the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) students learn anatomy by painting a live ...

Woman builds house to annoy her ex-husband. Check out the back
If it fits...


Bringing Baby Turtles to Sea

To protect newly hatched sea turtles, a group of volunteers came together and did something incredible. They formed a human wall around the nest; the corridor they created led directly into the ocean. Because baby sea turtles are easy prey for birds and other predators, this ensured their safe hatching and passage into the ocean. Sometimes, people can be so cool.

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You can't beat baby powder in your bed. Here's why!
Not just for bums ...

Can you find 4th person hidden in this picture?
This image is a real classic from a puzzle magazine. Can you solve all the riddles in this picture?

Worst Break-Up Texts Ever
Dating is tough, but breaking up is so much worse, especially over text texts ...

Every night he rolls in their feces. Only when his back looks like this does he get help.
Have peace of mind again in bed

Strong Girl Julia Vins
Julia Vins has the face of a cute girl and the body of a man. Hot or not?

Strange Creature
This strange creature was found by the Iranian navy ship in the Persian Gulf. It was stinking ...

After seven days authorities decided to open this box that had been abandoned at the airport. What was inside horrified them all
Say NO to the exotic animal trade!

Your hands can tell you these 7 things about your health. My mother suffered from No. 6.
Are you healthy?

Mom pours salt into the sand. The creature that comes out? Disgusting!
Most of us go to the beach to enjoy a relaxing day, to do things like make sandcastles, swim, play ...