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What happens to your body if you eat two bananas with brown spots every day?
It sounds a bit paradoxical, but the riper your bananas, the better they are for your health.

How you unscrew a bolt if you have no correct wrench
Even the biggest home-improvement nut can't always manage a job, when the right tools aren't at ...


21 Ultra Hilarious & Awkward Text Conversations Made on iPhone

From accidentally sexting your mum to finding out they're cheating on each other. Here are a few texts that should NEVER have been sent.

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It's the perfect stain killer and it's in your fridge. Unbelievable that nobody thought of this before.
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Mechanics hate this video because THIS is how you'll save a pile of money
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She doesn't even look like the same person!
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She saved her 4-month-old baby's life by this photo
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For 30 years he thought he was his brother. Who he is actually is, is unbelievable
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These women covered a wall using strips of tape. But once they finished painting it, the results left me speechless
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