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Every woman should know these tricks. Men too, at least some of them. ;)

Have a spare pool noodle?

These tricks will bring some order to your home and make the most  out of your space!

1. We usually see  magnetic strips used for kitchen knives, but they're great for the bathroom too.

2. Keep your  make-up organized with stick-on magnets and  a magnet board.


3. Affix hooks to silverware organizers  to store jewelry.


4. Shower curtain hooks are perfect for hanging up  purses.


5. Tie your scarves onto hangers to keep them from falling off.  


6. Even delicate fabrics can be ironed perfectly and without being damaged by using a hair straightener.


7. Coat the inside of your rings with clear nail polish to prevent green stains on your fingers.


8. Nail polish is also handy for color-coordinating your housekeys.


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