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Agonizing to watch: doctors keep tugging at something in his leg and it's not just a tiny splinter
A huge relief

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The man brazenly parked over two parking spaces. When he came back, he met his just deserts

Parking lot revenge!

There was plenty of room in this parking lot, but the man driving this red Mercedes still decided to take up two parking spaces. When the two SUV drivers noticed this, they decided to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

Fortunately someone across the parking lot caught the whole thing on video, including the moment when the owner of the Mercedes returned...

The driver wasn't pleased to find these two massive trucks on either side of his car — and so close that he couldn't even open the doors to get in! A few angry gestures and kicks to the tires later, the man crawled into his car through the back hatch and drove off. Chances are he'll think twice and stay within those white lines the next time he parks his car!

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