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The man with the camera experiences the most dangerous moment of his life

A narrow escape

38-year-old Daniel Modol heard a massive thunderstorm approaching. Several bolts of lighting struck the hill located right next to his house. It's not every day you see such dramatic scenes so close by, so he decided to try and film it with his camera.

Less than 30 seconds later, Daniel was suddenly blinded by a bright light on the corner of his terrace, accompanied by a deafening sound. Shocked by the light and the noise, his hands shook so much he couldn't hold the camera steady.

This video shows the footage taken by Daniel at that moment.

(Warning: this clip includes a very loud noise. Please lower your volume settings before playing it back.)

A lightning bolt had struck only 16 ft or so away from him, leaving a burnt terrace floor and damaged furniture in its wake. Daniel went back inside his house to shelter from the rest of the storm. The ceiling fan in the living room had stopped working and his modem had partially burnt out as a result of the lightning.

Daniel's belongings might have been damaged, but they are worth nothing compared to his life. An official from Korea Electrotechnology Research Instiute said, "In case of thunderstorms, we recommend that people avoid high ground and tall buildings, and take shelter inside the nearest building."

Capturing a stunning scene that shows the true beauty of nature is a fine thing. But we should remember that nothing is more important than our lives.

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