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This is one in a million! That man saved her babies, omg amazing
Unbelievable... Kaycee was driving with her sister when she unexpectedly went into labor.

The mom wonders why the baby only eats vegetables with dad. So her husband films himself while feeding and a few things become clear to her
Just a spoonful from dad


The birth of a strange animal frightened the entire village

Poor animal

Nature can be full of surprises and produce some bizarre mutations. A goat that was recently born in an Indian village proves this...

Many of the villagers were initially frightened by the animal's appearance, as they recognized human-like features in its face. Despite its unusual looks and physical impairments, we hope the villagers will treat the goat well.

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This obese dog from Texas, large body in comparison to her legs and head
It's always awful to read about animals that are suffering in some way.

This Incredibly Cool Chromatic Typewriter Types Out Art
It's odd concept to grasp, but imagine being able to physically ''type'' out an artwork….br/Well, ...

Ever since her dad painted this on her wall, she's been able to sleep again. You'd love a room like this
Every girl's dream

The mother posts a picture of her daughter. Two seconds later she's dead
One look too many

This mother lied to her daughter for 10 years. Hopefully others do it as well.
The white rose

Impressive Collages Pieced Together From US Dollar Bills
There's a lot you can do with a dollar bill, but not many make use of it in quite the way visual ...

These tiny phones popular in prisons
This tiny cell phone got immense popularity among prison inmates, since it's easy to smuggle past ...

This mother made a huge mistake after meeting THIS biker. Now she's mortified.
Hard exterior, softy inside

This mother was shocked when she saw her newborn was covered in dark, bloody spots.
A special boy