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When his grandma came back to the fitting room, his lifeless body was being carried out. She couldn't believe what had happened
Horrible accident

This 8 year old child's muscles are overdeveloped. 16 years later it's hard to recognize him


It wasn’t a shark: The reason behind the bathers’ horror was much worse (page 2)


Roberta Ursey and her family will be forever grateful to Jessica and everyone else who was on the beach that day. Nobody involved will be able to forget what happened, and luckily we have a video record of this remarkable gesture of human solidarity. The images really do restore one's faith in mankind!


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This man sees an eight-year-old girl and does the unthinkable. 22 million have seen it
It happened in broad daylight!

Reasons why you should not eat at McDonald's
McDonald's is now the world's largest network of fast-food restaurants.

Apple hiding these iPhone tricks from you
Your phone can do a lot of things, but can it do what you want it to?

They were the rarest triplets in the world... but what they look like now brought tears to my eyes
Best sisters

Wedding photos featuring the bridal party being terrifyingly attacked
A fun trend in wedding photography these days involves getting a picture of the bride and groom and ...

How Many Horses Do You See In This Beautiful Painting? The Answer Will Completely Surprise You...
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5 year old but she's a hero!
A 5-year-old girl rushed to save her drowning mother after she suffered a seizure in the pool and ...

Preserved in rock: this giant snake and... his unfortunate lunch!
An amazingly rare find!

The kitten cries out in pain as these Russian men carry it through the streets. I broke down in the end
Crying in fear